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Ercole Barovier was born in 1889 and he was Benvenuto Barovier's son, one of the most important glass furnace owner of the time. Having completed his highschool education, he was ready to start his career in his father glass factory: the Vetreria artistica Barovier & C.

Ercole developed new chemical formulas, created new colours and innovative effects. In the late 40's Ercole turned his attention to the form and shape too. In 1939 the Vetreria artistica Barovier change its name in Barovier & Toso, after the merger with the Toso family, another important Murano family with a long tradition the tha glass making.

In 1954, during a very productive artistic period for him, he was named Cavaliere del lavoro by the Italian government. His works were presented in the most important international events and museums, such as the first Triennal in Monza in 1923, several Biennals of Venice and the Correr Museum in Venice.

Ercole Barovier stopped working just some years before of his death, in 1972. After his death, his son Angelo was involved in managing the company.

As his father, also Angelo had a great artistic sensibility and expressed it in many artistic fields, not only in the glass making. Thanks to his legal studies he was able to improve the mangement of the factory, ensuring its growth.

Also Angelo was named Cavaliere del lavoro in 1996. He died in 2008.

Since 1991 the Barovier are in the Guinness World Records as the most ancient family of glass makers of the world.

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