Toni Zuccheri was born in 1937 and he was the son of Luigi Zuccheri, a painter of animals. Toni inherited his father’s passion: in fact animals are the recurrent subjects of his glass creations.


He frequented the Faculty of Architecture in Venice under the guide of Gardella, Albini, Scarpa and Samonà.


From the 60’s he began the collaboration with Venini: his first glass works are, due to the family tradition, animals made of polychrome glass with valuable techniques, such as the “murrine”.


In 1965 he began to collaborate with Gio Ponti, and together they designed a new glass system, the “Vetrate grosse”. He subsequently expanded his production of glass with new colours and subjects.


He participated in numerous exhibitions around the world.  Between 1983 and 1984, Toni worked for the Barovier & Toso and, in 1989, for the Vetreria De Majo. 


He died in 2008.